Facebook iPad App Launch at Apple’s iOS 5: iPhone Event

iPad App:Facebook set to Launch iPhone iOS App at the Apple’s iOS 5 October Event . Facebook to Launch iPad App and New iPhone App at October 4th Apple Event? according to Mashable .

Facebook iPad App

iPad users are waiting for a long time for an Officilal Release of Facebook: iPad App . But you can Install Facebook app on iPad unofficially. Earlier today, a blog post by former Facebook engineer Jeff Verkoeyen revealed that the iPad app has been ‘feature complete’ since May.

The launch of Facebook for iPad at Apple’s iPhone 5 media event . At this event, our sources also expect Facebook to unveil a new version of Facebook for the iPhone, with design and speed improvements that mimic the iPad app.

Facebook has also been working on a project to bring the Facebook Platform to mobile devices. The project, labeled “Project Spartan” by some (a name not used internally at Facebook, according to one of our sources), is designed to be a platform where developers can bring their Facebook apps to mobile devices via an HTML5 platform. Facebook decided not to launch it at f8, as it didn’t want to water down the announcement of the new Facebook Open Graph and Timeline .

So, The platform would allow Facebook developers to bring their apps to the iPhone via HTML5 . via