Facebook For Android Vs. Facebook for iPhone Active User

The war between the Facebook and Google is an interesting aspect, which has always been on the cards, while Facebook’s Android app now has more active daily users than the same native app on iOS. The news that made more interesting when the first Android version of the Facebook app was only made available in past September 2009 – more than 12 months after its iPhone-based twin was made available.

With the help of statistics which came from AppData tracking service released date shows that the Android Facebook app had 58.3 million daily active users at the last count, compared to the iOS app which said to have only 54.7 million users.

Well! still the Facebook’s monthly numbers skew towards iOS, which worth nothing that the daily yage of numbers show that more Android owners are hitting the Facebook app on daily basis, means the Android Facebook app is more “picked”, or in other words, Android owners are huge Facebook users than the iOS users.

When comparision comes, both Android and iOS Facebook users, it’s very slight difference, where there are less iPhone, iPad buyers than the Android-based devices. Think about the quantity of iOS owners. Android running devices are thousands, and where the iOS products are limited. Apart from this, now stas say that Android’s Facebook users are a bit higher than the Facebook iOS users, that shown in the screenshot below.

It is a safe bet that now the Android app has overtaken the iPhone one, the gap will continue to grow. Android’s activation numbers are currently at a huge rate, with over half a million devices being activated a day. As told above, with the Facebook app finding its way onto so many devices it will be hard to see how iOS can compete or break it. That said, iOS counts will obviously include the iPod touch and iPad, two markets – tablets and personal media devices – that Google’s Android has yet struggled to really get a foothold in. According to Redmondpie!

After Apple introduced the latest iPhone 4S, that was the time the Android mobile platform over take the iOS. The fact that Android is now proving to be the primary mobile platform for Facebook users could see the Soicial media network begin to offer the platform more development time. Recently Facebook update to bring their new Timeline to iOS shows that such a situation (is FB ignoring) situation has not arise just yet.  If Facebook For Android Now Has More Active Users Than the Facebook For iPhone users and what’s your opinion.

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