Exclusive: Look At The Google Play Store 5.0 Leaked With Material Redesign

In the next coming weeks or so we’ll be seeing Android L launch, and Google still has work to do in updating its own suite of apps for the Material Design changes. Although, with an update hitting the store providing a voice calling support for its Hangouts and partially to Chrome a while back, and now we’re in front of a leak that shows off the Play Store redesign makeover.

Google_Play_Store_5_0_Material-Design1As far as a couple of days ago, an early look at an impending Play Store update was seen, which was more “materialized” content listings, but the rest of the interface remained largely unchanged. Today’s leak points the new, more image-focused interface made thoughtful use of increased white space and introduced some really fun tablet layouts for content listings from movies to books, music, and Android apps.

Yes, this time, we’ve an early look at the Play Store’s upcoming version 5.0 release. Content pages has already seen a visual update bringing it closer to the Material Design aesthetics. For now, it looks like version 5.0 of the Play Store is on the way, which will complete the update.

This update will focus on bringing a touch more “material” to the actual store fronts for Movies, Apps, Games, Music, Books, and Newsstand.

Talking about the Google’s latest design vision, its flexible, adaptive card-based interface already carries out the metaphor of paper-based interface elements, but certain visual aspects were missing. As you can see in the images below, (where the current old design is on the left and the update is on the right), the update will be bringing color to the navigation tabs, making it blend in with the title bar.

Left: current Play Store. Right: new Play Store 5.0
Left: current Play Store. Right: new Play Store 5.0

Current-New-Play Store-5-0

Top: current Play Store color palette. Bottom: new Play Store 5.0 color palette
Top: current Play Store color palette. Bottom: new Play Store 5.0 color palette

Shown in Google’s design spec – animates from a three-line icon to a “back arrow” and back again on interaction.

nexus2cee_hamburger_thumbInside the Play Store APK there are five ic_launcher files besides the revised Play Store icon (which is the thumbnail for this post). Finally, the app icons associated with the various sections of the Play Store. They are all flatter and look good.

Google_Play_Store_5_0_Material-DesignNo official word on when the update to the Google Play Store will be released, could happen soon……!