EverDock Supports iOS And Android Handsets And Slates [VIDEO]

If you’re one of those looking for the best docking systems for your tablets or Smartphones, compatible to both the iOS and Android devices, then, here’s the better option from a KickStarter project. EverDock is currently over at the said website, looking to raise enough pledges to make the jump from concept to production.

The EverDock launched as a project and is constructed from aluminum and is available as either dual or single dock, which is iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c compatible with Lightning 30-pin, micro-USB. Obviously all the iPhone models like i5 and i4 as well along side the iPad, iPad mini and Android-powered Samsung, HTC handsets.


Want to see how it works in action? Watch the video of the newly introduced EverDock project right after the jump.

EverDock is the only docking gadget that works with virtually all smartphones and tablets running iOS or Android mobile operating with an ease.

Trying to decide if a device is compatible with an accessory should not be such a burden. So we started at the very beginning with this in mind. We looked at every possible combination of smartphone and tablet and used this research as the basis for creating the EverDock“.

The EverDock Duo allows independent selection of connectors so your old iPad using a 30-pin connector can proudly sit right next to your new iPhone 5S or Galaxy S4.

As mentioned above this project is currently sits over on Kickstarter website. If you are interested in making a pledge that worth more to you. Just head over to the Kickstarter site make the EverDock become reality.