Encrypt Dropbox Files:Secure for Complete Protection – How to with Secret Sync

Dropbox:Encryption to Secure Dropbox Folder for a Complete Protection . Dropbox Security: How to Secure Dropbox Folder Files by Encrypting Dropbox Folder with Encryption Software called Secret Sync . Today, we will talk about Dropbox:Security to Protect from Unknown errors and Tips Secure Drobox Folders for Complete Protection by just Encrypting Dropbox Folders.

Dropbox Protection

What is Dropbox ?

Well known! Dropbox:Backup Solutions with Best Features preferred by Millions of User around the World. Using Dropbox Backup Solution users can Backup Their Folder Files anytime:Anywhere with DropBox Account Access one of the Dropbox Best Feature.

If you want to Synchronize Dropbox Folder Files (Data), then this Storage Service will let you Sync all the Data in an Easy way, so that you can Share, Store, Sync Personal Documents Efficiently. Encrypting is one of the Tip, to Secure and Protect:Personal and Important Data, Document Files by Encryption.Dropbox Account can be Protected while Sharing with Multiple Dropbox Users.

SecretSync:Dropbox – This is an Encryption Software, that will automatically Encrypt Dropbox Folders for Full and Complete Protection.

How to Secure:Dropbox Account Folder by Encrypting Automatically

Important Note – If you are not aware of Dropbox Security or Dropbox Folder Protection, then here is that Encryption Softwarte called Secret Sync: Encrypt Dropbox automatically to Secure Dropbox Account.

Step 1 – Download Secret Sync for Windows PC, Mac or Linux ( getsecretsync.com/ss/download )

Secret Sync Encryption:Dropbox Security

Step 2 – Now Launch Secret Sync and when prompts, to Enable Java and .Net, then Download Java and Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0:Install on Windows, Mac or Linux. (Important to Install Java and .Net Framework on your Computer)

Step 3 – To get a Token from the Secret Sync Official Site, you must Register with your Email and create an Account for Free. In order to Enable or allow to Encrypt Dropbox Files through Secret Sync.

Secret Sync Dropbox Encryption Software

Enter – Your Email Address, a Secured Password to Remember and Hit Register for the First Time.

Step 4 – An Optional Field will appear, which prompts you to Provide Passphrase, but recommended to give passphrase, that can Increase the Encryption Strength.

Keep In Mind – Your Passphrase is very important to you, so do not Forget it. You can also loose all the Data.

Enter Passphrase

Step 5 – Choose the Location, where you want to Install Secret Sync:Windows, Mac and Linux.

Encript:Drpbox to Secure Folder Files

Step 6 – Now asks for the Path of Your Dropbox Folder on Computer PC. If you Did not Installed:Dropbox on your Computer Desktop, then do it right now and if already Dropbox Installed on your Windows, MAC or Linux, then Select Dropbox Folder Location and Click on Install Button, so that you can Easily Encrypt Dropbox Folder Files for a Complete Secure Protection.

Secret Sync: Dropbox Encryption Software  Dropbox Encryption to Secure Dropbox Folder automatically

That’s it, you have Successfully Installed Secret Sync on your Computer, now you can Drag and Drop any Dropbox Files into Secret Sync Folder, in order to Encrypt and Move those Folder to Dropbox Autimatically. Try it yourself for Best and Better Results.