Enable WiFi Hotspot on Windows Phone Omnia 7: Samsung Focus

Samsung Windows Phone WiFi Hotspot Enabling on Omnia 7 and Focus : How to Enable WiFi Hotspot on WP7.5 Samsung Omnia 7 and Samsung Focus . Windows Phone 7.5 Mango Launched with WP Marketplace . If any one did not get this WP7.5 Mango Update to their Windows Phone, then here is How to Guide : Install Windows Phone 7.5 Mango Update:Zune Software and  Enable Samsung AllShare DLNA on Omnia 7: Samsung Focus – How to.

WiFi Hotspot Enabling

To Enable Samsung Omnia 7:Windows Phone Focus WiFi Hotspot , and if you are unable to Set Windows Phone:WiFi Hotspot , then fololow this Guide, from XDA Developer drkfngthdragnlrd who has managed to find a perfect solution and prepare a perfect guide which will turn on Wifi Hotspot feature.

This WiFi Hotspot Enabling on WP7 best part is, it Enables your to Tether your Handset and work for All Carrier.

How to:Enable WiFi Hotspot:Samsung Omnia 7 – Windows Phone Focus

1. Remove (uninstall) Network Profile application and remove any APN you set up in settings -> cellular.

2. InterOP-unlock your device (Heathcliff)

3. Install DiagProvXML app

4. Using Isolated Storage Explorer deploy enclosed provxml files

5. Install the xml files in this order: hotspot, hotspot1, mxip_hotspotconfig_01, EnableAutoDataConfig4b. Check in settings that you can now see Internet Sharing between Bluetooth and accounts!

6. Reboot

7. Deploy WP7 Root Tools (Heathcliff)

8. Now launch Root Tools and go to Local Machine -> Comm -> InternetSharing and manualy add:Name => value (type)EntitlementURI => ./Vendor/MSFT/Registry/HKLM/Comm/InternetSharing/Settings/OpenMarketEnabled (string) OpenMarketEnabled => 1 (dword)

9. Clear “CellularConnectionName” (aka set to empty) and you can go to settings -> Internet Sharing and start it up. via