Dual SIM+ Case Cover From Digirit Makes Apple’s iPhone 5s More Exclusive As Dual SIM Phone

The Leading Smartphone company Apple is already celebrating after the launch of iPhone 5S and 5C. Here is another deal for the iPhone users to add more joy. The iPhone 5S exclusively gets its Dual SIM through case for the first time in its history from a Taiwan’s case maker- Digirit. Although in the birth place of the product it is idealistic to have a dual SIM to a device in the United States, the use of such products have a great rise in the Asian market.

This project originates from Digirit a case producer from Taiwan, the developers got an idea of why not prepare a case cover for the iPhone 5S for multi SIMs use purpose. In  this case you are allowed to drop in an other SIM card as well as a third SIM into an empty slot. The use of both the SIMs could be effectively used just by switching between the slots in the Setting option. In Asian countries people mostly prefer to use Dual SIM devices as there are few people who make extensive use of 2 or more nano cards.


This innovation could be useful for frequent flyers (people who often travel to different countries) and also to people who maintain a business and a home number differently. The Dual SIM HTC ONE recently made a debut in United Kingdom.


The Digirit team has come up with this product almost without any configuration and the switching within the SIMs through the the Settings option. You will wish to use this product just within few flicks of time. You will be able to complete a switch procedure from 45 seconds to 1 minutes once the option is selected.

iPhone 5 s case cover from Digrit
If you have debate on the switching process taking time, here is the answer. this takes not much time, but the hassleness of retaining that second or the third slot is less not more than a minute though. The manual switching of the SIM would require a paperpin or needle to eject the tray and change manually by other. So, practically the case method is not very time consuming.


To finish off Digirit has made the case which protects as well as enables your iPhone 5S into multi SIM utility device. Sources say the Digirit would love to see some support from Apple and this project is in the makers long-term plans list. The SIM+ is currently a project on crowd-funding site HWTrek, which works in a very similar fashion to Kickstarter and Indiegogo. It totals $40,000, and if you’re interested, be sure to check it out at by heading over to this link.

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