New Dropbox Desktop Beta Adds Automatic Photo Import Functionality

The latest Dropbox beta for desktop seems to be featuring an automatic photo importing. It would seem that prevention of your photos has now become a top preority for many. Apple introduced Photo streaming with iOS 5 launch, when Google provided Android users the option of automatically backing up their mobile shots to Google+.

Today, the new Dropbox desktop beta landed into tthe game, came with the automatic camera import ability to the latest experimental forum build (read: back up your existing Dropbox folder prior to installing) of the application. Users can now choose to have images instantly synced upon connecting a digital camera or smartphone to the desktop / laptop associated with their account.

The Verge gave it a try with their iPhone 4S, that worked perfectly. But, here is the catch; you can not select any individual photos within the camera roll to import. The Dropbox will be added with a mini-preview of the content as the progress meter moves along, with both the images and video support.

This is one of the best step took by Dropbox by adding sunch functionality, which itself has become nearly synonymous with the very concept of data sync and most importantly — particularly when it comes to irreplaceable photos — has established a longstanding reputation for reliability.

The company has done here is make the process of backing up those favorite themes easier currently. What’s next? Either Dropbox may continue to gather community feedback or anything else to be added to tha above feature. While there’s no word yet on when the next stable release of this Dropbox app will be out.

For more details on the latest Dropbox desktop beta functionality which was added automatic importing photos. Visit Official site through this link here.