Download WinLaunch To Bring Mac OS X Lion Launchpad To Your Windows 7

When you have installed different applications in the folder we feel some difficulty to find it. Mac OS X default application which is accessed from he system Dock become quite worrisome with its great number. Only because of this reason, Mac Os x Lion has introduced a new complementary utility application folder, which is called Launchpad. With the help of this Launchpad users can quickly find, organize and launch installed applications.  Although Windows 7 Task bar, aka super bar, makes it easy to keep frequently used applications at fingertips, you may need a Mac OS X Launchpad alternative to conveniently organize your ever-growing app list.Now all are surprised that Win Launch Mac OS X 10.7 Launchpad, which is allowing to manage quickly your installed applications as well as launch most frequently with one click.

Mac Os X’s Launchpad helps you to add many applications, files, shortcuts, folders etc.and it creates new pages to accommodate your applications. It does not add apps  to the page automatically and scan the system for installed applications. thatiswhy gradually we have to add them into the WinLaunch page. Very simply we can open this Launchpad by hitting shift+tab combination and hit ‘f’ and start dragging applications over its window.

All the settings can be accessed from the bottom-left corner, which helps you to change default hotkey combination for launching the application, and add more pages to Launchpad. To swipe the page, hold right-click and drag left or right.

How To Transform/ bring Mac OS X Lion Launchpad into Windows 7

Very easily we can remove the apps also.Just select and hold an application with left-click until the application icons on the page start to jiggle, then hit the Close (X) button above an app to remove it from the page.

If you want to organize applications into groups, Just drag the application on top of another to group applications in a folder.

WE can open and hide the pages in it by using specified hotkey combination’s.. You may not be able to launch the application after, let’s say, hitting Escape. The application is in beta testing phase, so you may encounter some bugs while adding applications to pages. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Note: Before installing WinLaunch pack, You’ll need to install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 to use it.

Download WinLaunch To bring Mac OS X Lion Launchpad into Windows 7 Operating system!