Download Windows 8.1 Pro ISO File Legally Without Product Key


Different ways already there in getting Windows 8 / 8.1 onto your computer which hasn’t been that easier as you expect, because you couldn’t use a Windows 8 product key to install Windows 8.1 again or even choose the architecture to be installed. Once if you have a 32-bit Windows 8 installed during the step you’d end up with the 86X version of Windows 8, too. Other annoying issues too surface, but Microsoft has silently made available of a tool that goes quite a long way towards rectifying a good few of those troubleshoots.

It’s the Windows Installation Media Creation Tool, the app can now be downloaded and can also be used to create either an ISO or a bootable USB stick in order to get Windows onto a desktop PC, or Laptop. Here’s how you would go about downloading and installing Windows 8.1 now using this little utility called around.

Steps 1: Go to the installation media webpage here and download the small app that’s needed in order to. Click on the ‘Create media’ button to initiate the download.

Step 2: Run the newly downloaded executable file and start making the relevant selections. You’ll need to choose a language for the new installation of Windows as well as the version of Windows (64-bit or 32-bit) itself that you want to install. Notably, you can also select which architecture to install at this point.

Step 3: Next screen allows you to choose whether to download Windows to an ISO for use later, or to a USB stick. The latter option is default and only downloads the required files rather than the full ISO image.


Step 4: Importantly, everything on the USB stick that you’re using here will be deleted (erased), so make sure you’re using an already-empty USB, or back up the contents before and format it to save save yourself from issues.

Step 5: Have a cup of coffee and wait for the download to complete, and this could take some time depending on your internet connection. The app will also make the USB stick bootable as part of the process, leaving you to simply install at your freedom.

Screenshot-grabiSee how Microsoft makes its software easy to use, download and install.

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