Download Veedeo 2.0 For iPhone Now: To Get New Filters, Films, Smart File Sharing And More

Veedeo is one of such app that offers an extensive list of features for fast and easy video editing, allowing users to create their own video clips with custom text and many more to be clarified. With the version 2.0 update, the iOS app has been well optimized to work on the newly launched iPhone 6 and the larger iPhone 6 Plus. Full details right after this fold!

Veedeo-AppLaunched back in December last year on the iOS App Store which lets users creations such as short video clips to be shared via social network sites like Twitter and Instagram and now, brings 22 new filters and fimls with the update. User can add color filters and adjust the intensity of the filter on the videos with blur effect as well.

The new version of Veedeo 2.0 gets smart file sharing support that adopts the file size of the exported video based on the connection speeds which the Wi-Fi, 4G, 3G and 2G data connection produce. In fact, it reduces the upload time and time being saved and the dandwidth consumption too. Animated text can be added to the clips during creation by selecting one of the app’s built-in templates. You can then add an optional blur effect to the video, and select the background music from your iTunes Library.

Finally, the app gets support for four new languages: Greek, Portugese, French, and Spanish. You can export it to your camera roll to share through iMessage, email, or your social network of choice.

Official change-log for Veedeo 2.0 for iOS:

+ New languages: Greek, Spanish, French, Portuguese
+ Bug fixes and stability improvements
+ Improved support for iOS 8
+ Cinematic video stabilization for iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus

Although, Veedeo said that it will be adding support for 240fps for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus along with all the new launguages in the future update.

Veedeo-iOS-AppYou can now download Veedeo 2.0 for iOS from the App Store