Download Torrents using Free Download Managers [How to Guide]

The Most Popular BitTorrent has provided to be an unique way to download bigger files and Share them. If you had not installed BitTorrent client’s uTorrent on your Computer, you can download files on torrents directly via Free Download Manager or via HTTP, like Torrific.

Free Download manager is one of the popular and best download manager and for me its a good choice for its stability, nice user interface and support for various brwosers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari.

This program offers simultaneous multiple downloads from several mirrors to increase the download speed with the powerful scheduler to start and pause downloading files at the preset time as well. This Free Download Manager from Rapidshare, Hotfile, Priortized and partial torrent downloads, adjusting traffic usage, flash video download and an upload manager. Management of downloaded files is well supported.

Going back to the original topic, Torrific is a teriffic web service allows you to turn any torrent file into a direct download, which can be downloaded using any of the popular download managers like IDM (Internet Download Manager), Free Download Manager, or iGetter and more. This is very useful for those whose ISPs indulge in torrent throtting as download managers are known to accelerate and download considerably.

Well1 my friend asked me how can he increase the download speed of Torrents, my answer for that question is simple, just Double click on the Downloading Torrent file and simply set the peer rate to “1”, that’s it you will download any torrent files with increased speed. Screenshot below:

To get started with this Torrent downloader, visit and register an account for free. Now Saerch the Torrent file on the web to download. Once you have found the .torrent file, right click on the link and select copy link loaction.

There you have to paste that copied link in the saerch box of Torrific and click on get button, which shows you the list of files available for downlaod. Click on initiate bittorrent transmission button. Depending on the traffic queue, it would take few minutes for download to start, now use your download manager to download those files.

Torrific is a free service, but a premium level of service is also available for $10 per/Month, for those who don’t want to wait for long time.