Download OS X Mountain Lion Developer Preview 3 Build With Xcode 4.4

As you know Apple has released the first version of its Developer Preview of the upcoming OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) a month ago, today it seeded the third Developer Preview with the build 12A178q only for those who paying subscribers of Apple’s Mac Developer program.

This build comes as 12A178q which includes various bug fixes, though it still includes a fairly lengthy list of known issues and bugs. However, Apple has, in great detail, noted of some known bugs and issues with the latest iteration of the upcoming OS. This is the third beta release of OS X Mountain Lion, which currently has a rough public release date of “Summer” .

Currently, installing OS X 10.8 over 10.7.2 (or previous) using FileVault activated may not work, while some Apple menu items may not function correctly if there’s a sandboxed app in the foreground. Issues like iTunes at this time having difficulty syncing notes, infact syncing them at all – while Mail’s photo browser isn’t able to access the iPhoto lobrary currently this time.

Developers can download OS X Mountain Lion DP3 from the App Store, though logging in through the developer center is necessary in order to receive a redemption code.

As mentioned, it’s set to drop late this summer, although with so much to do and only a few potential developer previews to come, having everything ready by the deadline period is going to take much development. you’ll need to be a developer in order to download Mountain Lion, Developer Preview 3, and if you’ve a vested interest into the inner workings of OS X, it’s strongly recommended you sign on to the program.

Apple has also seeded the Xcode 4.4 Dev Preview 3 for OS X Mountain Lion. If you have already downloaded the Mac 10.8 Developer preview 3, ou should get the third Xcode 4.4 Developer Preview that includes the SDK for Lion 10.8 beta 3.

Download OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 Developer Preview 3 [Developers Only]