Microsoft Launches OneNote for Mac For Free, Windows Version Released Freemium [Download Links]

Now available on the Mac App Store. First look! Could Microsoft OneNote for Mac replace Evernote? Now, with a little surprise that the Redmond-based software makers powerful note taking tool has been around for a decade now. Oddly OneNote came to iOS and Android before officially finding a home in the Mac version of the Office suite of Microsoft products.
Finally, we here at has got a download OneNote for Mac and Windows links below!

Today, Microsoft released a new, free OneNote app for OS X, and a further free OneNote utility for its own Windows OS – a cloud-based API facilitating the integration for both first and third-party apps with OneNote.


Now that, Microsoft’s OneNote – a tool for taking and organizing notes goes completely free and the new apps for Windows and Mac will enable the service to broaden its appeal wile also leaving it before placed to complete with the likes of Google Keep and Evernote.

Knowing that the new Mac version is available for free in the App Store and the Windows edition is becoming a free download as well. The Metro-fied version designed for Windows 8 has been freemium for sometime now, where the full desktop version of OneNote 2013 was a paid part of the Official productivity suite. Premium features, like Sharepoint support for Outlook integration still require you to pay some cash, though. Nevertheless, the bare-bones version is both ad-free and not hampered by any kind of trial, although is limited to home / school use only.


Although, OneNote app first made its Apple debut way back in 2011, when it launched for the iPad, and now it makes its way for OS X Mac. Available at the Mac App Store, OneNote for Mac is a free of charge downloader with all a part of a push to deliver the app “on all the platforms you care about“.


In addition to ditching the price tag, Microsoft is also adding a bunch of new features to OneNote, notably is te launch of an Cloud API that allows developers to integrate their own creations with the OneNote service. Still, with the roll-out of these two apps also coinciding with the release of OneNote’s new cloud API, which brings a myriad of useful, predominantly scanning-related tools to the fold and although time will tell whether OneNote has the pedigree to mount a substantial challenge against the market leaders or not.


Redmond launched a collection of web clipper extensions for IE, Chrome, Firefox and Safari and capturing web pages is just the tip o the iceberg, Feedly, IFTTT, Genius Scan and a host of others have added the ability to save to OneNote from their own apps, and plenty to join the party soon….

You can go download OS X version of OneNote and its various companion apps now. Windows users can grab OneNote from:, directly.

(Download: OneNote for OS X on the Mac App Store)

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