Download Official TETRIS Game For iOS, Here’s How To Get It For Free [Limited]

Apple is no offering a tile-matching puzzler based video game for all the iOS device owners for free of charge via its official iTunes App Store. Download it!

Limited time only! Talking about the wonderful TETRIS game, which was the first piece of entertainment software to make its way onto the U.S. soil from the old Union of Soviot SocialistRepublics (USSR) since thirty years. Which Apple is offering it for free as part of a promotion that lnks directly to the iOS App Store right now.

About TETRIS – Electronic Arts’ official version of that game brings the iconic title into modern times by overhauling the visuals of the falling tiles and surrounding environment to make it fresh, easy-to-use and extremely futuristic looking.

Although, the popularity of TETRIS has made it one of the best-selling mobile games of all time since 90’s, which EA has been keen to exploit and improve on by integrating additional features and visual enhancements that really ring the game to life on the small screen gadgets. In fact, now Apple regarding to limited time promotion, offering EA’s TETRIS as a free-of-charge download as part of the “A throwback for you. On us” campaign through the Apple Store app.


Actually, the TETRIS usually requires a potential gamer to part with $0.99 with the option of additional in-app purchases to stock the in-game safe up with virtual currency known as T-Coins. Unfortunately those in-app purchase prices still stand, bt the 100% discount on he TETRIS download price will ensure that EA has their game in front of a boat load more users by the time this promotion finishes.

Apple is pretty much keen to get iPhone and iPad users download it and make use of its Apple Store app, and are fairly planning on using promotions like this giveaway to drive numbers into the software that it’s offering right away.

Tetris, is now updated with more features than ever before. This blast from the past is enhanced for iOS 7 and includes newly redesigned levels and one-touch controls.

Not only this free TETRIS offer, but other offers like it are accessible through the Apple Store app that needs to e downloaded separately from the App Store. This particular promotion shouldn’t be confused with the ongoing “Best New Apps“, “Editors Choice” or “Featured” selections hat regularly adorn the front age of the iOS App Store. Selecting the promotion will then pass the request through to the App Store with a redemption code attached to apply the discount.

Interested in playing TETRIS and are into iconic puzzle games, then grab the offer now before it expires on April 7th, 2014 and is subject to availability. You can learn more about the game here or get the Apple Store app from here………!