How To Download And Install New iOS 7 Beta On [VIDEO]

iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. First of all, the beta for iOS 7 on iPhone 5 allows users to use zoom functionality while recording a video in the redesigned Camera app. Means, any iPhone users could only use zoom function before they started recording a video in video capturing mode. Although there are third-party apps, such as MoviePro, that allows users to zoom, but those applications require post processing to register any zooms. Still waiting for most 3rd-party apps to install, so I was certainly in no position to offer a proper review of the first beta version of iOS 7. In fact, 4 days later, I’m still not.

I’ve been using iOS 7 beta 1 for several days on the iPhone 4 and starting to become more familiar with the iOS 7 way of doing things than I was this time started before launch. iOS 7 layout is somewhat similar to Windows Phone 8, apart this, the OS isn’t bad for the first attempt. But I’m interested to see what the 4 or 5 beta versions look like in matter of months, because there are plenty of flaws (bugs) that I hope Apple gets around to fixing before shipping time rolls along.

iOS7-white iOS7-black-iphone

                                                                  iOS 6 on left vs iOS 7 beta on right.

Apple gifted iOS 7 beta to mobile developers: the newest version of iOS. Developers then have most of the summer to play with the beta version and ready their apps for the final release of the operating system when the new iPhone is launched later this year.

Then, how to get started with iOS 7? Being a part in Apple’s Developer program, you will need to know how do you load the new iOS and get started building apps. Here’s full how-to guide below.

First Step: You must have an iOS Developer account, which costs $99 a year through Apple’s official website.

Second Step: A development device that will only be used for iOS 7.It’s not recommended to use your own personal device, as beta versions of operating systems can be buggy and crash. iOS 7 currently supports iPhone 5 (CDMA and GSM and global GSM), iPone 4S, iPhone 4 (GSM/GSM Rev A and CDMA) and iPod touch 5th Generation.

Third Step: The identifier for your device. If an AT&T iPhone identifier, then its A1428 and if a Verzion iPhone is A1429. First of all you will need to know which version of iOS 7 beta to download.

Fourth Step: Now, UDID. You will need to register your developer device in the iOS Development Center. Because, you will not be able to complete installation of iOS 7 beta without authentication the device.

Fifth Step: A backup is must. You can make it via iTunes, just in case the device crashes and loses your data and you have to start from scratch, you can grab the backup from iTunes later.

Caution: Once you download and install iOS 7 beta, you cannot downgrade to the previous version of iOS (iOS 6.x). A couple of developers have also reported problems activating their devices after installing iOS 7. Or wait for the Golden Edition of the iOS 7 released shortly before the launch of the new iPhone.

  1. On your Mac, go to the iOS Development Center and download the appropriate version of the iOS 7 beta. This will take a few minutes.
  2. Open the .dmg file and find the .ipsw file. It should be the only one there in your download file of iOS 7, so it is impossible to miss.
  3. Connect your developer device to your computer and launch iTunes.
  4. Click on the iPhone button in iTunes. This will bring up your stats (such as memory use and serial numbers). Go ahead and back up your phone to iTunes now if you haven’t done it already.
  5. Press the option button when restoring in iTunes. A window will open where you can choose the iOS 7 beta .ipsw file. Download it (which will take about 10 minutes).
  6. Wait patiently.

Now, how the image presented maintains a high quality even at full zoom. Video showing the feature in action and highlighting that below on YouTube.

According to 9to5mac, upon hitting the big red button to start recording, simply use the pinch gesture to zoom in and out during video capture. Or, upu can also rap-to-focus on your closeups as you’re shooting video.

In order to zoom out footage, just pinch out anywhere on the screen or only use the handy slider at the bottom part of the interface. However, the slider will not show up until you zoom in on the video.

Note: The reports on video zooming does not pan as close as the image zoom does, but estimates that the interface allows for a 2-3x zoom with no post processing required.

There are more best features in iOS 7 beta. It’s certainly a big change for Apple, but it’s also undoubtedly laden with problems. Battery life was initially no worse than other early beta releases, and I’ve found that it’s made it through the day without too many problems, just as the handset did before.

This would be the first shot at iOS 7 that Apple has made available, and a s developers and testers file bug reports and Apple admits that some of its design choices were a little wide of the mark, expected iOS 7 will come into its own. Beta 1 isn’t bad, but I’m ready to install and test betas 2,3,4 and 5 already.

Try it on your iDevice? Download iOS 7 Beta 1 for iPhone 5, 4S, 4 and iPod touch 5G.