Download Flappy Bird Successor Swing Copters For Android And iOS From the Play Store [Freeware]

Few days back we’ve mentioned about this new Swing Copters, much like Flappy Bird gameplay has got a little guy with a helicopter attached to his helmet, rather than a bird. It’s a 2D is similar to the Flappy Bird and beware when trying to play this new game, which could in result make you addicted to it when trying to score more points.

Swing-Copters-GameplayDong Nguyen, the man behind the best known for creating the hatefully-addictive Flappy Bird game, now launched Swing Copters for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad), alongside the Android version game as well for game lovers.

The Swing Copters game goes rather than navigating a bird side-ways, you are tasked with guiding a cute little helicopter’s upward flight while avoiding pairs of hammers that swing from each gate. Like Flappy Bird, you can earn point for each and every gate that you pass through. While the little guy flies vertically, you need to tap once to change the direction, creating a zig-zag flight pattern that makes it difficult to avoid each tier of swinging hammers.

Swing-Copters-downloadThe copter flies from side-to-side automatically, but you can also change the direction though, with a tap. That means lots of taping to get past the series of gates and hammers. Once the copter gets moving in a particular direction, it becomes harder and harder to regain control of its flight path. You need to get four medals to unlock more characters!

Swing-Copters-AndroidReady to go! It’s a free of cost game for both iOS and Android platforms, but the iPhone app has in-purchases 0.99 to remove ads. Notably, the Android version lets you connect to the Game services so that you can compare your scores with your friends.

Swing-Copters-iOSLike Flappy Bird, Swing Copters is monetized using in-game advertising, but it will be interesting to see how the game gets on, both in terms of attracting users and making money.

(Download Swing Copters for Android and iPhone, iPad for free)