Download And Install ClockworkMod Touch Recovery Beta On Galaxy Nexus And Nexus S [How-To Guide]

Here’s another chance for those who are involved in tweaking, modifying or customizing the Android operating system. Think you are better aware of these recovery methods and ways, mean methods to make an attempt to use the touchscreen display of the device for navigation purposes. This is another one you haven’t done until now, which don’t exactly offers the same of touchscreen integration.

Its similar to ClockworkMod Recovery you’re used to but not touch-enabled. While all the Android devices contain recovery console, which is just a partition on the phone or tablet’s internal memory and can be manually booted into and the official ‘stock’ options are very limited and allow things like a factory reset of the device and using an official ROM to recover the OS. Some times that’s all it required, but for many other hardcore Android tinkerer, additional, more powerful options are well needed.

Joushik Dutta is the one who developed the ClockworkMod, the same developer who has recently been considering bring an alternative, Cydia-like application store to modified/rooted Android devices. ClockworkMod is widely adopted custom recovery for devices to its availability for the most Android phones and Android tablets.

In his latest release, Dutta has sent out a beta version of a modified ClockworkMod Recovery which negates the need for any of the hardware based buttons on an Android device, and allows users to navigate through the recovery options using only the touchscreen.

If you are the owner of a CDMA or GSM Galaxy Nexus, or a GSM Nexus S then you can shoot on over to the ClockworkMod Google+ page and download the necessary .img files which are being hosted there, read on to learn how to install the new recovery Mod.

While this CWM recovery is still in beta form but works quite well, so note it right now. The normal navigation method (Volume keys and power button) still working as they were, so you don’t have to use the touchscreen. The installation process to allow the use of the CWM tool on a permanent basis is a relatively simple one. simply follow these five steps tutorial below:

Step 1 : Head on over to the official ClockworkMod Google+ page and download the necessary .img file for your Galaxy Nexus or Nexus S.

Step 2 : To boot your device make sure to up into Flashboot mode. This can be done by powering off the device, and then powering back on whilst holding the volume up and down buttons together. (Place the downloaded file in the folder your ADB and Fastboot files are (example: C:\SDK)

Step 3 : Flash ClockWorkMod (fastboot flash recovery the-name-of-your-img-file.img).

Step 4 : Reboot the device into the operating system (fastboot reboot).

Step 5 : Once the reboot is complete, you now have the ClockWorkMod recovery installed on a permanent basis.