Download Alienware Skin Pack To Transform Windows 7 Into Alienware Gaming Look

Here’s how you can make your windows systems resemble as different types of Operating systems using Skin packs, known as Transformation packs. We have covered mostly all the well known transformation skin packs for your Windows Vista/XP and the Windows 7.

Today we will talk about the Alienware skin pack 1.0 which can be used to transform Windows 7 into Alienware.

If you are a gamer, then you must be aware of the “Alienware” which is a desktop and laptop manufacturing company. The major part is it’s a subsidary of Dell and mainly assembles hardware components in Desktop PCs, as well as Laptops. Alienware’s main job is making high-end machines to provide high performance for gaming.

A Deviantart member has shared an awesome “Alienware Skin Pack” or also called Theme pack and called to be Transformation pack for Windows 7 Operating system, that’s what we are now talking about.

The Alienware Transformation skin pack comes with two excellent light and dark themes for Windows 7 along with some amazing boot screen, login screen, will offer users the possibility to personalize their computers by adding Alienware-specific icons, cursors and wallpapers.

Alienware Skin pack has an easy and safe installation option. You’ll need to uninstall any old or other transformation theme pack before installing a newer version.

In order to install, you need to disable AUC and close all running programs, after the installation complestes, restart your system.

Advise for users to pay attention wjile installing this ad-supported application :

* While this is a thirdt aprty skin pack it offers to change the homescreen for web browsers installed in the system

* Offers to change the default search engine for web browsers installed in the system

* Also offers to download or install software or components (Skin Pack DB Toolbar) that the program does not require to fully function

Note : If you don’t want to install the 3rd party toolbar said above, select “Custom Installation (Advanced)” type and uncheck all the three options given at the time of installation.

I had installed in Windows 7 Service pack 1, but without SP1, Alienware Theme pack supports both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows Operating Systems.

You can download it using following links:

Free Download Link (32-bit) Alienware Transformation Skin pack 1.0 for Windows 7

Free Download Link (64-bit) Alienware theme pack to Transform Windows 7 into Alienware Gaming edition