Here’s How To Download Adobe Photoshop CS2 For Free Officially

Photoshop is one of the best image editing and manipulation tools that’s been used by a majority of webmasters, iPhone users, Android users and Windows users to create some top-end wallpapers, fonts, etc. Not only for the mobile platform, but Adobe Photoshop is such utility revered for its vast tool set, seemingly unlimited plugins and general, all-round power, it is out of the price range of many average users looking to learn / dabble in a little PS’ing (photoshopping). Prices remains higher than other paid alternative software out there, but today, Photoshop now becomes freeware, legally.

Currently, CS5 and 6 are available, but as a paid desktop application and while CS2 is certainly not bad, and its Adobe’s very smart move. Omitting those who’ll grab their software from unfair mediums and a quite a few would-be Photoshop users will have settled for cheaper or free substitutes, notably the GIMP. Taste the Photoshop through CS2, wouldn’t be any surprise if some users ended up playing for a newer version.


I’ being an Windows user, still prefer to go with Photoshop CS3. Now that CS2 is free of cost, must know about the real downside – aside from the prerequisite of an Adobe account – is the fact that Mac version was designed by PowerPC devices, hence you will definitely need OS X 10.2.8-10.3.8, or Rosetta, in order to grab things up and running. To take full advantage of this offer, please follow out our guide below.


How To Download Adobe Photoshop CS2 For Free Legally [Tutorial]

Step 1: Hit this official link.

Step 2: Sign up to create a new Adobe account, or lo in if you already a member.

Note: New users should have to fill in the required fields after which you’ll be sent a verification email when signed up. After the email has been verified you’ll be taken to the Adobe download page.

Step 3: On the download pager, scroll all the way down to the section where it says ‘Photoshop CS2’. Screenshot below refers for guidance:

Step 4: Download the version of Photoshop CS2 tailored for your operating system.

Step 5: Copy and save the serial number right next to the download and use it to activate Photoshop CS2.

That’s it, experience your free copy of Photoshop CS2 (Creative Suit)!