Download 140+ Flat Material Design Wallpapers For Your Android Smartphone Or Tablet

You have already got the best artistic, abstract, techno, electrified designs, why not try grabbing over 141 Material Design inspired wallpapers which are bound to make your day. You can not only use in on your Android, but can also be set-as wallpapers on your iOS 8 devices and iPad tablets either.


Android fans looking for Lollipop with Material Design wallpapers from Google and with the design was flat enough and harmonious with the overall UI of Lollipop. But some extra motivation by the company for its designers would have gone a far way beyond it.

Courtesy of Brain Parkerson, put together a collection of wallpapers that were exclusively designed using Project Minima and consists the works of Google+ users J. Amourette, Jose Carlos Bejarona, and Josh Oleksyn. Wallpapers that actually make my Xiaomi Redmi 1S awesome on Material Design, and still sporting flat and geometric designs, these backgrounds will not make your device screen a ‘geometry box’.


Texture in some wallpapers which I love will give a surreal depth perception to an otherwise flat design, and it looks fantastic. Some wallpapers are top notch in quality, with a slightly lower resolution on some of the walls may serve you with unimressive sharpness on FHD or Quad-HD screens.

For 720p displays and lower, and to some sort extent full-HD screens as well, this collection of Material Design wallpapers is a gold mine for when Lollipop updates start hitting some device later this month. Google released its preview builds for the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 (2013) earlier, included wallpapers, leaked on the Internet Web.

Interested owners of smartphone and tablet devices can grab the collection of top 140+ Material Design Wallpapers from the link provided below. Head over to Google+ page and scroll through the lovely 141 Material Design inspired wallpapers album.


In order to download these wallpapers you will have to do it the old fashioned way of saving images from a website, as the contributors have not provided direct download links. But RedmondPie team has uploaded every single wallpaper in a majestic zip file, which can now downloadable via link below.

Download 141 Material Design wallpapers from here.

(Source: Google+)