DollyCam iOS App – Stabilizes iPad 2, iPhone 4 Video Recordings

DollyCam App for iPhone 4 and iPad 2 – This Application records Videos and then Stabilizes them to remove Camera Shakes. Not only that, But this DollyCam on iPad 2 and iPhone 4, also corrects the Wobble that is caused by the Camera’s rolling Shutter.

DollyCam DollyCam App - Stabilizes iPhone 4 Video Recordings DollyCam to Stabilize Videos on iPhone 4/iPad 2

After Correction, the resulting Videos are very smooth than the original recordings and are more pleasant to Watch. This DollyCam also solves the problem when Stabilizing a Video Borders (May Appear), by using two different Techniques:

1. Zooming: DollyCam chooses a suitable zoom level depending on how your device was moved during recording

2. Extrapolation: DollyCam extrapolates each frame of the video to fill the black borders

Now – Features of DollyCam for iPad 2/iPhone 4 :

* Full 30 fps video recording in HD (720p), VGA (480p) and HVGA (360p) resolutions
* Zoom adaptively to reduce black borders (optional)
* Extrapolation to reduce black borders (optional)
* Export videos to your camera roll
* Video stabilization
* Rolling shutter correction

DollyCam Supported Devices :

Apple iPhone 4
Apple iPad 2

DollyCam was developed at Linkoping University as a part of the Project Virtual Global Shutters for CMOS Cameras (Project Home – ). You can Now Download by Purchasing DollyCam from the iTunes App Store at $2.99. via