Why Not To Use iPad In Portrait Mode While Wearing Polarized Sunglasses, Answer Below!

When i was searching for the best answer for polarized sunglasses, i got some amazing and useful news that not to use your iPad in portrait mode when you wear Passive 3D  Sunglasses. According to this news came straight from CultofMac, he said he is not kidding, and answer the question that when you are wearing polarized sunglasses the iPad’s screen tuns into black wen using it in portrait mode – rendering it useless until you flip it over in landscape.

The source also pushed a video on the above topic (iPad & Polarized Sunglasses)

The interesting thing happened only with the Apple iPad, as other manufacturers have overcome it by setting the “extinction” of the screen to 45 degrees or putting in new compensating films. Screen expert Ray Soneira from DisplayMate explains it to ZDNet:

Using polarized sunglasses all iPads go black in Portrait mode. Other displays go black in Landscape mode. Much better is for the manufacturer to set the extinction at 45 degrees so the display looks good in both Portrait and Landscape modes. The Motorola Xoom behaves this way. Best of all, with compensating films this effect can go away almost entirely.

    The iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy Tab have no extinction at any angle (just a small color shift). The effect should only apply to LCDs because they use polarized light internally. So OLEDs also should not show any such extinction effect.

While the iPad has a big, bright beautiful display that looks absolutely amazing under normal condition but, because it’s glossy, can become reflective or washed out to the point of uselessness under the glare of direct sunlight. When you talk about do not use iPad in portrait mode when wearing Polarized sunglasses, here’s something we don’t know and that’s the iPad has an in-plane switching (IPS), light-emmiting diode (LED), liquid crystal display (LCD) that produces crisp, clear colors under normal conditions. It’s not laminated the same way the iPhone screen is, so it’s even slightly more reflective when it catches rays.

But you can use portrait mode wearing passive 3D glasses (aka Polarized sunglasses) on your iPhone, because its display is constructed, polarized sunglasses can greatly reduce glare and increase visibility in both portrait and landscape mode!

Grab some information as simple explanation and here’s a deeper explanation on why? and how to use your iPad in direct sunlight wearing Polarized sunglasses. Via iMore