DeskSMS For Android (Gmail/Gtalk) – Send/Receive Text Messages From Your Desktop Web Browser

DeskSMS for Android Phone – The Best App to Send/Receive Text Messages on your Android Device from Desktop Web Browser or Gmail or Gtalk . DeskSMS Is the Best Phone-to-Desktop SMS Solution yet. What is this DeskSMS App ?

DeskSMS Android App - Send/Receive Text Messages from Gmail/Gtalk

Actually, this is an Android App called “DeskSMS” specially built to Send and Receive SMS Text Messages from their Desktops/Laptops using Web Browser and GMail and Gtalk (Google Talk). If any Android User want’s to use Google Voice to manage your SMS massages on Desktop, then this DeskSMS lets you manage them from Gmail, Google Talk with a speedy Web Interface and even with a Chrome Extension without any porting required.

DeskSMS Android App – works perfectly and lets you choose How you want to manage Text Messages on your Computer. AnyTime you receive a Text SMS/Message on your Android Phone, that will automatically forward them to a number of Different Services, like if you have your MI Client open all the day, then you can receive and respond to that text message through Google Talk and can also be done through Gmail.

This DeskSMS App developed by ClockworkMod, the same developer behind the popular ROM Manager app which every flashing enthusiast has installed on their droid. Once installed, you are set it up by adding your Google account and choose which service you want DeskSMS to forward your Test SMS/Nessages.

From Android Market – What they says :


DeskSMS forwards your text messages to your GMail, Google Chat, and DeskSMS Chrome extension! And if you reply back, the recipient gets a text from your number!

You can use your favorite IM client (Beejive, Trillian, etc) or email client to send text messages from your phone number!

Download DeskSMS on your phone, and then use your an IM or email client from your XOOM or other Android Tablet to send text messages!

How to Use this DeskSMS App :

Install DeskSMS on your phone, link it to your Google account, and check which services you want to forward your text messages to. You’ll then get your texts instantly through Gmail, Google Talk, or your browser extension, and can respond to them right from there. via

Download DeskSMS for Android Free Application with both Crome and Firefox Extensions with Web Interface. Iportant note is that this is in Beta Version.

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