CyanogenMod Reveals Scramble PIN Layout For Lollipop Lockscreens

How secured you’re when typing a PIN entry, either on your smartphone or at ATM centers and what do you think about the best way to get a lock screens whose Pins pad changes number layouts every time it’s used. For the known weakness of touchscreen PIN entry is that you leave fingerprints, which would let it’s easy for someone holding your phones to tell which numbers you pressed. CyanogenMod has provided a solution – scramble the digits on the keyboard. That’s it!


Cyanogen Inc. has deviced a new unlock pattern for your phone, causing confusion for the would-be thief and maybe for you. Such knowledge would be handy in case said mysterious onlookers have plans to divest you of your device.

Introduced Scramble PIN Layout! Using it this way the position of your fingerprints doesn’t give away which numbers were pressed since each time the numbers are in different positions. Also it doesn’t mean you can’t just rely on muscle memory to enter the PIN, but considering security protocols, apps like these are rarely pleasant. No worry!

It actually works by relocating numbers in different positions every time you need to enter a PIN, making it impossible to track which digits were entered simply based on their locations. Either side, it also takes longer to enter said digits, and those with eager eyesight might nodoubt be able to more clearly see those numbers.

As per the Cyanogen tweet clearly states that is a new feature of Cyanogen OS, and their “commercially-distributed OS, as opposed to CyanogenMod (open-source community-driven Android OS backed by Cyanogen Inc)”. Unfortunately, it seems that this inclusion will land on the proprietary version of CyanogenMod that powers the likes of OnePlus One. It’s not clear if it will make a way to the open-source distribution.

Jailbroken iPhones although have CodeScrambler for an identical feature. However, the work has started on getting Android 5.0 Lollipop into CyanogenMod. Naturally, it will be for the next CyanogenMod 12 version. And wait for the iteration of the Scamble PIN Layout roll out.

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