How To Create Spreadsheets With Google Docs Online

Google Docs Spreadsheets Creation is possible Online: How to Create Spreadsheets Online using Google Docs without Microsoft Office Installed on your PC . Google Docs is a basic Office Application that is very useful when talking about Spreadsheet Creation Online.

Create Google Docs Spreadsheets Online

Install Microsoft Office:Windows PC or Without Microsoft Office 2010 or MS office 2007 you can Easily Create Spreadsheets:Google Docs Online Presentaions. How to Create Google Docs Spreadsheets is the guide we are now going to See in this Tutorial.

How To Using Google Docs:Create Spreadsheets Online

Step 1 – First of all Signin: Google Docs Account or Sign in with your Existing Google Account valid, if you do not have a Google Docs Account. After Logging:Google Docs!

Step 2 – You will See a “Create New Button” on top-left Corner:Google Docs Account, just Click on it and you will be shown Options like Documents, Presentations, Spreadsheets, Forms, Drawing, Table, Collection. Then Click on Create Spreadsheets, becuase you are here to Create:Google Docs Spreadsheets.

Create Spreadsheets:Google Docs Online

Step 3 – After Clicking Create Spreadsheets, you will be taken to another Window, there you can See the unsaved Excel sheet with Several Rows and Several Columns. Now you have to Create or Design Spreadsheets on your own way you desire to.

Create Google Docs Spreadsheets

Important Note – The rows which are given are not sufficient for you to Create Spreadsheets Presentaions, then you can also got an option to expand the Number of Rows, so that you can add Rows to Spreadsheet. You can not only add rows, but you can also add new Spreadsheets easily, just like you Normally work on Spreadsheets as you are given almost every tool you require in the same page on the top of spreadsheet.

Step 4 – After Spreadsheet Creation Completes using Google Docs, just Save it which is very important to save your Spreadsheet, and for that, you have to just Click on Save (See top right corner) or You can also Save Spreadsheet by going to File Option and then Click on Savbe Button.

Step 5 – Now your Created Spreadsheets will be Saved automatically and Successfully, so that you can Access Whenever you want and Share Spreadsheet to make collaboration, so that your Friends and Collegues can Edit/View Spreadsheets from anywhere anytime.