Chromecast App For Android And iOS Gets Updated With Custom Backdrop

Google on Wednesday rolled out an update to its most popular Charomecast app for iPhone, iPad and Android smartphone users, adding a variety of new inclusions for users to play around with the custom backdrop. New update however worth more to the Chromecast application, previously announced it at Google I/O.

Chromecast-DongleChromecast is a widely used for streaming your favorite shows on Netflix, boasting your private tunes with Pandora Streaming Radio, or watching music videos of your desired artists on YouTube right from your desktop PC onto your TV.

Chromecast-Android-update-backdropNotably, when the Chromecast HDMI streaming stick is not playing content through your TV, it already displays the current time and featured photos as a screen saver. Now, Chromecast users can display additional content such as weather conditions and news headlines on Chromecast-connected TVs with the dongle after downloading all the new updated app with the feature of backdrop.

google_chromecast_backdrop_officialChromecast now also supports using your own photos from Google+ albums. Backdrop support allows you to customize the content that shows up on the Chromecast-connected screen when it’s not in use. Users can choose what content they want on the backdrop and they can pick the news sources they want or else show satellite imagery.

Chromecast-app-Update-APK-DownloadUS residents can also choose to view their lifestyle content from providers including New York Times and the Gaurdian. In order to change your backdrop, user will only need to open the Chromecast app on their device and select “Backdrop” option from the left. A list of options there to choose from.

Chromecast iOS app updated with backdrop feature for viewing news & weather, photosYou should be asked if you want to enable backdrops as soon as you open the updated app and have to get opted into Chromecast backdrop customization for each device, because, your personal photos are off by default.

The new Backdrop section of the app although includes links to the articles from which the images came (in Newsstand). The featured images pulled from G+ will open in full screen so that you can easily download them or set them as wallpaper on your device.

Chromecast Update Finally Enables Custom Backdrop SupportStarting today, the Chromecast app update is now rolling out for the Android and iOS app versions. One of the best media streaming device mirrors content from the Google Chrome browser to a computer or through the screen of several types of smartphones. Available to buy Chromecast dongle at a very affordable price of $35 or less on Amazon, if you haven’t purchased it as yet. Other retailer also have then for sale, and if you already owned one and sporting a iPhone or iPad, or any Android 4.4 KitKat handset, you can head over to the Google Play and iTunes App Store to get it.

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