Chirps For iPhone Is A Simple Twitter Client Lets You Read Links On Twitter Without Any Distraction

Are you a Twitter user? And want to share the 140 characters with the world and looking for a new application with the latest interface, then you came across to the right place. Here’s Chips developed by Polydice, who claims to offer users a new method of reading Twitter, by only displaying content featuring links. However our smartphones are specially designed to simplify tasks, boalted, disorganized apps can often have the opposite effect.

Chirps For iPhone Is A Simple Twitter Client That Lets You Read without distraction

When we talk about “de-clutter the timeline” on both Twitter and Facebook, problem is that some people like to spam them with one-word irrelevant chit-chat such as ” I’m getting late for work, and so on” and while desktop famine is something we may get into conversation about on rare occasions, most of the time, we like to cut to the chase. Now the Chirps comes, allowing tweets containing links to be seperated from general natter, when checking out links to interesting blogs, news, and popular articles.

This new Chirps app – Read links on twitter, distraction-free, for iPhone and iPod Touch, offers users a new method of reading Twitter, by only displaying content featuring links.

Chirps initially opens out on the main timeline, and you can quickly access your Favorites or Lists on the sidebar by simply dragging the screen away to the right. The tidy, ever-popular pull to refresh feature adds the accompanying touch of class and smoothness to proceedings, finished with a nice folded-paper effect. When some like to RSS, but following the interesting blogs and news outlets via Twitter is a very effective way to keep up-to date.

Promising, Chirps, overall, is problematic. First, you need to turn on the filter function to hide tweets without links. Instead of finding this in the settings panel, the feature is located behind the word “Chirps” on the top menu bar. The neat, ‘link-only’ interface can be easily initiated by tapping the “Chirps” text at the very top of the screen. After it’s tapped, a neat little toggle appears which switches between normal Twitter feed and URL-specific Twitter feed. To read a linked article, simply tap it and the page loads, although there’s also a much more aesthetically pleasing Reader Mode (similar to the one in Mobile Safari) which shows only the text and images of the article in question.

Chirps offers support for bookmarking services like Read It Later and Instapaper, and that users can view content in full screen or regular web view. But, every application has good and bad, like drawbacks, while Chirps has too, it offers no way to differentiate the inane from the links that Chirps is aiming to promote. If the app was able to filter out images or say, foursquare check-ins, there might be merit in spending time with Chirps.

If you’re a big reader of blogs and online news, Chirps is a great way to sieve out the chatter from your Twitter timeline. It costs $1.99 from Apple’s App Store. Chirps – Read links on twitter, distraction-free, don’t wait and give it a try!

Download Chirps for iPhone [App Store Link]