How To Change Stock Font System In iOS 7 Using This Cydia Tweak

Jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad means, you got the ability to customize or transform your iOS system into somewhat you want it to be. Modding is the part of jailbreak. In fact, the big reason that people take to jailbreaking their iOS devices, and with people apparently desperate to stamp their individual on their personal technology. Apple’s devices seem to attract some of the most creative people around.

I’am an iPhone 4 owner and jailbroken my device on iOS 7.0.4 and installed WinterBoard and I am a biggest favorite of iOS themes, which you can have a look below on iOS 7. Apart this, we’re going to introduce you with a Cydia tweak (jailbreak app) lets you change system fonts in iOS 7. How?


Thankfully, jailbreakers aren’t usually short of choice when it comes to finding ways to change fonts on iPhones and iPads. Now they can add BytaFont 2 to theircollection of tweaks, after the popualr BytaFont was replaced by a new, iOS 7-friendly version that promises to make it pretty easy for those who want to change fonts with just a few taps of an iOS screen.

BytaFont is intended to be an easy-to-use application to change font on iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad (jailbreak required) in few taps.


With which fonts can be altered iwth an ease that sets BytaFont 2 from the alternative that live in the jailbroken app store (Cydia). Installed fonts can be used with ease, and new fonts can be installed manually or directly into the BytaFont 2 via the relevant section of Cydia automatically.

Important to note, that fonts will indeed to be created with iOS 7 in mind, so older fonts found on Cydia won’t be compatible to work with BytaFont 2 tweak. Worthy!


My iPhone 4 font changed to Neurpool in iOS 7 and running perfectly with an awesome font gesture, appears to be an transformer font sitting on my iPhone’s Springboard. Image below:


What is the best feature of BytaFont 2? Now available to download from ModMyi repository right away, but it’s absolutely free to anyone that wants to download and install it. How to change it, or you’ve had a hankering for a particular font on your iOS 7 device of late, then, you must have to visit BytaFont 2 before you install anything else.

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