Camera+ 2.3 for iPhone – Now Add Captions to Photos while Editing

Camaera+ 2.3 (iPhone) Plus Adds Photo Captions – Compatible to iPad and iPod Touch running iOS 3.1 or Higher . Now you Can Add Captions to Photos while Editing the Photographs and came with Several Improvements. Actually, this Camera+ Update released by Tap tap tap and introduced the ability to add Captions while editing Photos and where Camera+ 2.3 users can now place captions on Photos by just adding a border.

Camera+ (plus) 2.3 - Adds Photo Captions

Those Camaera+ 2.3 users can also Insert Styled Captions Design to complement the choosen Border Style and this updated version of Camera+ also adds the ability to Save or Store Photos without Editing , can Upload full-resolution Photos to Facebook and also improves the process of Choosing editing operations and set effects.

What is new in Camera+ 2.3 Version:

Camera plus  Camera+ adds Photo Captions  Camera+ (plus) 2.3 Adds Photo Captions

Add Captions to Photos while Editing with Camera+ 2.3 Cmaera+ 2.3

By simply adding a border to your Photograph and then tap the Captions Button to add styled Caption Design to look awesome with the Border that you choose. Other features includes:

* They have improved performance in several areas of the app, especially making choosing effects much more responsive

* the pop-up bar that appears when you tap a photo in the Lightbox has a new style that includes icon + text, making it faster to choose the operation you want (similar to Apple’s Photos app, Copy is now accomplished by tapping & holding the photo)

* They have added a “Save Without Edits and Keep” item accessible by either tapping & holding Save in the pop-up bar or Save on the multiple selection screen

* when you post photos to Facebook, this Camera+ allows you to upload the photos at full-resolution

* They have added a crash reporting mechanism that’ll enable us to better track-down and fix any problems you’re having with Camera+ as one of their primary goals is to make the app as stable as possible. They also fixed a bug where EXIF data was missing in photos when AutoSave was set to save to Camera Roll

* various minor bug fixes and enhancements

Now this Camera+ 2.3 is available for Download after purchase from App Store for $R0.99.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad . Requires iOS 3.1 or later