Budget iPhone Casing Appears Alongside iPhone 5S On Video [IMAGES]

Apple in the recent times rumored to launch a new Budget iPhone in September along with the new purported iPhone 5S, but today we’ve got some fully assembled pictures of the cheaper and high-end iOS smartphone cases side-by-side. Details after the jump!

The budget iPhone doesn’t appear to be much bigger than the iPhone 5 either, and the images from case maker Tactus show up what the alleged device will look when it’s fully assembled – complete with a display, a camera and flash, buttons, and Lightning connector and so on.


Although the low-cost iPhone purely suggest that it features a 4-inch display just like the iPhone 5, and expected to sport with a Retina display. The image also shows the plastic volume buttons and mute switch, which will be colored to match the original iPhone’s plastic shell.


Apple rumored to launch a new budget iPhone in Q2, and now, we see a number of photos of the cheaper iPhone’s casing as well in a bunch of image packed in a box. Watch the video posted online, showing the new casing of the Apple’s unannounced budget iPhone, and which is compared to the iPhone 5’s casing.

After watching the above video, you’ll notice there is a camera and LED flash inside the device, and it appears to be fully assembled. However, it is missing screws in its bottom edge though. Its design looks a little closer to that of the latest iPod touch. With four holes ion its bottom edge for the speaker and one for the microphone, and its volume buttons are long and thin, not rounded at all.


Although it said that the budget iPhone will also have a smooth, rounded edges on its back. Claims that it measures 9mm thick – 1.4mm thicker than the iPhone 5 and 120mm wide unibody.


Apple is expected to launch a new budget iPhone in Sept along side the Apple’s new software version of iOS 7 and the forthcoming and rumored iPhone 5S. Soon as we get any information about the budget handset, we’ll let you know the first! (Via Tactus)