Bring Windows 8 Style Lock Screen & Login Menu To Windows 7 Using WinLockPro – Download Now

Microsoft has released the Windows 8 Consumer Preview to the public a few days ago and still users aren’t able to tacle with it and where several apps coming out to make Windows 7 look like Windows 8. Today we are here to show something new about the Windows 8 lockscreen and Logn menu, how you can get or bring them onto your Windows 7 PC.

In order to bring Windows 8 Lock screen along with Win 8 login screen to your Windows 7, you will have to get the WinLockPro which is an handy application now available for download.

Win Lock is another open source addition to the lsit of available utilities to make Windows 7 look like Windows 8. It replaces the default Windows 7’s lock screen with one from thw Windows 8, providing you with an alternative, and enabling your Windows appearance. The WinLockPro application allows you to easily set custom Name, Password and Background image for the Lock screen.

After installation, the application runs in the system tray. Right-click its icon and select Settings to setup the Windows 8 style lock screen for use. The Setup Win Lock window allows you to enter Your Name, Set Password and Select Background from an available list. You can also set the application to launch on Windows startup.

WinLockPro offers you to customize the appearance, and the behaviour of your system lock screen with amazing Windows 8 one and allows you to unlock your screen, based on recognizeing a specific file on an USB drive. This way all you have to do is plug the USB in and wait for five seconds for the desktop to become unlocked automatically.

About WinLockPro features :

* Stability increase
    * New Desktop Gadget for easy access
    * Settings form re-designed
    * Profile picture form re-designed
    * Custom Background form re-designed

You can now grab it from the link given below and bring Windows 8-like lockscreen and login menu to your Windows 7 desktop.

Download WinLockPro for Windows 7

Download .Net Framework : Win Lock works on Windows 7 and need .Net Framework to be installed to run.