Android Users Can Be Benefited With 50GB Of Cloud Storage Offered By Box

An emancipated 50 Giga Bites of cloud storage has been offered by Box to the Android Users. A new version of app with prodigious offer of box was just released. So that all the Android users can benefit 50GB of free cloud storage which was offered by the Box. Great!

Android users can easily work together for Box with their peer group on business content from anywhere, exceptionally uncontrollable sliding movement of new features were added with today’s update to the app.  The app also allows the upload of multiple files simultaneously as well as coming packed with more language choices for those who want them.

Box is contributing 50 Giga Bites absolutely free online storage space for all the users those who are downloaded their Android-based app. Hurry up! the offer will stands only for few days. The addition of a free 50GB storage option for Android users however may go some way to redressing that balance, with Dropbox currently asking for $10 a month for a comparable service.

The 50GB allotment instinctively granted to anyone who logs into Box from one of the new Android apps by March 23rd.

By using very easy methods you can download the app. Just log in or get going a new account and benefit from your 50GB of online storage. After entering into the Android Marketplace you can register an account using this app.

Download Box for Android [Market link]