Boom! Microsoft Skips Win 9, Officially Announces Windows 10 Operating System

At an official event in San Fransisco, Microsoft officially made an announcement of its next Windows OS, but unveiled Windows 10, skipping Windows 9! Full story as follows below!

Windows_10We have finally got the name of the next-generation Microsoft’s flagship operating system, which would be called Windows 10 officially, rather than rumored version “9”, – as the company skips it to emphasize advances and making toward a world centered around mobile devices and internet services.

Although, the current Windows 8 has been widely derided for forcing radical behavioral changes, and in order to, Microsoft is restoring some of the more traditional ways of doing things and promises that Windows 10 will be familiar for users regardless of which version of Windows version they are using now.

Microsoft has officially announced its next-gen Windows, while the latest release was rumored to be named, WindowsTH, Windows X, Windows One and even Windows 9, but the Redmond-based software maker has formally titled it as “Windows 10”. Reportedly said to offer a great experience for all hardware across a single platform.

About Windows 10 design and how it works on all form factors. Smartphones, Tablets and Laptops – are some examples that this newly launched Windows 10 will be designed to work on and it’s being billed for all mediums and eventually come with one universal app store for all aforementioned devices.

Windows_10_Start_MenuEnterprises will be getting an early look at Windows 10 before the final public release, so that large companies can apparently get used to the new software before it hits the Windows Store. IT managers will be able to easily manage all types of Windows 10-based devices, and overall, can, even customize internal app stores as well. So that, employees will be able to use applications approved by the company.

Windows 10 will be rolling out with a classic looking desktop OS, which shoud grab Windows fans that miss Windows 7. Start menu offering is also implemented and far talking about it, it would look a bit different than the menu we’re used to. Indications surfaced claiming that the Start menu on Windows 10 looks like a hybrid of a standard menu and the tiled Windows 8 UI.

Although, Windows 8 apps were initially designed for touch, will now work with the mouse and keyboard and will evidently run in the desktop. All-in-all, Microsoft is fairly making its software more PC-friendly. Finally, the conventional Start Menu and the metro like start screen is back with Windows 10. Download links won’t be available right now!

With a new universal search in the start menu that is capable of showing results from the World Wide Web. Windows 10 also got an Expose like option from the OS X, which has been dubbed ‘task view’ to help master Windows multitasking geastures.

Windows 10 will run on the broadest types of devices ever. The “Metro” start screen and Microsoft’s traditional Start Menu have been combined; no longer is the screen one huge grid of tiles for desktop users, which allows users to set up different desktops for work, home, and other usage scenarios, switching apps between them at will.

Windows_10_FeaturesCharms bar from Windows 8 has been carried over to Windows 10 with improvements of its own. For convertible devices like the Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro, Microsoft is adding a new Continuum mode that aims to make the frequent switch between tablet mode and laptop mode more seamless. Using which you can switch between the tablet mode and the laptop model without having to break your back.

Today is just a beginning and it will announce more details about its new Windows 10 operating system early next year. As Redmond Windows OS maker says.

Microsoft will launch a Windows 10 “Insider Program” beginning tomorrow, which will give its most enthusiastic and vocal users a chance to try out and help shape the new OS before the general public gets it. Initial launch of Windows 10 OS would be in 2015!

Notably, this is a very early version of Windows 10, so there may be some changes before the final software becomes available. Stay tuned!