Boom! Apple iMac Destroyed With 20mm Anti-Tank Bullet [VIDEO]

Watch how this expensive Apple device get decimated, which is all set in a captured video by the most famous and self-proclaimed “Technology Assassin,”, who regularly thrills us with some extraordinary footage captured while shooting up some of the best and commemorated gadgets. Yet another clips views an Apple iMac come in person with an WWII Anti-Tank Rifle.

Ryan’s RatedRR channel is somewhat extremely prominent, often performs potentially helpful and durability tests, where the real show piece is always the bit where the arsenal comes out.


The Finnish-made weapon (rifle) in this particular clip is no toy gun by any measure and notably most of our modern-day gadgets doesn’t offer the surface area to showcase this bad boy’s concept, the pre-2012 iMac was a prime candidate to experience the full, unrelenting wrath of this impressive item of artillery.

Although, the iMac however took a bit of hiding, but in actual fact, it didn’t come off quite as badly as one might have imagined. The 20mm bullets, which he speculates are of course decades old, did a bit of a number on the device, and all in all given that it was in full working condition prior to the test.

iMac meets the 20mm shot came from the Anti-tank rifle and I thought the Mac computer would be blown into a million pieces and wind up as a pile of obliterated metal. While the damages appears evident and most of the interior parts were attacked terribly and hit badly, which it imagines its form once the show’s over.

What would be more accurate is if the Facetime camera on the front of the iMac was competent enough to record a slow-mo video of the bullet and stream it to an exterior source for real-time, point-of-view coverage of its obliteration by a powerful round. But the slow-motion graphics were only integrated with the iPhone 5s smartphone.

Ryan finally serves up this installment of tech warfare from a selection of angles, permitting the gun enthusiasts amongst you to see the influence from various elements.

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