BigBoss Repo Hacked In Cydia, Every Jailbreak Tweak Available For Free [Download Now]

Alleged news surfaced over the web about the default repositories for jailbreak tweaks in Cydia, reportedly been hacked and claims all paid apps ripped off. The jailbreak world is such place where anything can happen, like this, the biggest and arguably most popular repository of jailbreak apps being hacked. BigBoss repo apparently falling foul of hackers finally!

Unconfirmed, that whether the BigBoss, one of the major repository for jailbreak tweaks in Cydia, allegedly hacked by an individual or a group of inviduals whose identity is still unknown. Stay tuned for full story!


Playing host for thousands of free and paid-for apps and tweaks, the BigBoss repo is certainly known by most jailbreak developers as well as those who want to download their needs from Cydia and BigBoss repo is configured as a default by every new installation of Cydia. Jailbroken your iOS device, then, you’re already using it. Now it looks like that unknown hackers have managed to gain access to that repository, resulting, have set their own version of repository that they’re calling ‘ripBigBoss.’

Not only the attackers were apparently able to gain access to the database but also acquired all packages (paid/free) that are available in BigBoss repo. Ripped and finally made the .deb index and database available for download. Hackers went as far as creating a new repo which can be added directly to Cydia to boot all BigBoss – hosted tweaks. How Imaginative!

BigBoss repo manager 0ptimo has yet to comment on this security breach. Going by the name of ‘Kim Jong-Cracks,’ the assailants have made the entire BigBoss repo available for free, means as aforementioned, even those apps or tweaks that usually costs a fee are now downloadable, for no price whatsoever.

Notably, downloads have their own built-in DRM or not will determine how useful the hacked ones are, and also planning to release system-wide anti-DRM for Cydia tweaks.

iOS / Cydia unknown hackers claim to have 13,943 files totaling over 19GB of data and being an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch users, it’s not recommended downloading anything from the hackers or anyone like them for obvious reasons. Below!

Caution: They hacked BigBoss repo in Cydia and they can breach your iOS device’s entire information though, by writing a small script. And its upto you!

Advised to avoid the BigBoss repo in Cydia at all costs! You never know what you might run into, and downloading paid tweaks for free isn’t something we support at all. Back soon with more details regarding what has happened and whether or not things have normalized in the jailbreak world.

In particular, when hacking is a crime then jailbreaking iOS devices is also a crime! Don’t mind! Purposely do not link to the ripBigBoss website, which you may visit at your own risk.