The Best Way To Download Torrent Files Using IDM [How-To Guide]

There are 65% of people who depends on torrents to download their apps, movies, TV shows, software, etc from the internet P2P servers. Torrents in my though are the easiest way to grab those files much faster if they have more Seeds. With a high number of Seeds, people prefer to download, but if Seeds not there, then it becomes frustrating. BitTorrent is such peer-to-peer application that lets you make happy when downloading files when there are huge seeds, and if no seeds available? Downloading will be become more lazy situation. If there is a will there’s a way, like Internet Download Manager (IDM) – is one of the fastest download manager available on the internet web. Today, we’ll talk on how to download torrent files with IDM? Full details after the break!

The Internet Download Manager is a desktop app, can be installed in a few clicks and that can also be added as an extension on Firefox, Chrome, IE web browsers. Maximize the download speed even if the torrent files has less number of seeds.


Download Torrents via IDM using

ZbigZ is one of the best online BitTorrent client, which helps you make downloading torrent files with Internet Download Manager for free of charge. For that you have to first visit the official website from here.

This caching site has two options a free account and premium account. Whereas ZbigZ free account users can only download files less than 1GB. While Premium users can make unlimited downloads of torrents.

Step 1: Now, you need to upload the downloaded torrent file to ZbigZ.

Step 2: Go to and create an account (either free or premium).


Step 3: Login to your ZbigZ account, and upload the desired torrent file and press “Go” button (screenshot below).

Step 4: Now, a popup window will appear with free and premium account. Choose the free option and click on free button.

That’s it, the site will do the rest of downloading torrent files with its powerful high speed servers. Once completed, click on .Zip button which is blue in color.