Jailbroken iPhone 4S: Grab The Best Jailbreak Tweaks iOS 5.0.1 Compatible

We had already pushed a text tutorial on how you can jailbreak your 4S iPhone and iPad 2 running on iOS 5.0.x using the newly released Greenpois0n Absinthe tool. Now thinking that your iPhone 4S is already jailbroken, and you’ll definitely need to get some jailbreak tweaks to decorate your jailbroken iPhone 4S and iPad 2 with Cydia launch.

If you are jailbreaking iPhone 4S then come later, and if you have jailbroken 4S iPhone then here’s some awesome. amazing, themes, widgets, tweaks, and many more waiting to install on your jailbroken iPhone 4S. Grab them all and customize in your own way.

While the Apple’s iPhone 4S already came with Notification Center and Siri the voice assistant that rocked the world. and still blowing minds.

Best Cydia Tweaks for Jailbroken iPhone 4S iOS 5.0.1 – Selected from Top 20

1. BBSettings Custom Widget: This Jailbreak Widget is the Best Alternative to the SBSettings developed by the Manuel Gebele, who also developed WeeFacebook. After BBSettings Installed, you will notice is the distinct resemblance to the popular SBSettings app and UISettings another popular widget for the iOS 5 notification Center. Grab this tweak posted here.

2. AppsCenter – Widget for Notification Center in iOS 5, allows you to launch apps directly from iOS 5 Notification Center. Jailbreak Widgets can be added via Cydia, AppsCenter is a new widget made for iOS 5 notification center which allows you to directly launch apps from your notification center. It puts all your installed apps in the notification center so you can directly launch them via Cydia package sources.

3. QuickNote & QuickMemo – These both Custom Widgets llow you to take Notes straight from the iOS 5 Notification Center.Means that you can quickly take notes from any application by just swipping the status bar (via the Notification Center) in iOS 5. Quick Note Widget for iOS 5 Notification Center. This provides you a notepad area to jot down some quick notes for easy reading and recovery.

4. StatusGoogle  Jailbreak Tweak – Bring Google Search Bar to iOS 5 Notification Center. This New Custom Widget and Best Cydia Tweak called “StatusGoogle: Adds Google Search Bar to your iOS 5 Notification Center. TO Search Google In a new Way, StatusGooogle is now availabvle for iOS 5 Notification Center to make Google Search in iOS Devices. Grab this posted here.

5.  SBSettings  for iOS 5 via Cydia Release – SBSettings is used to Access iPhone Settings from any app without going through the way of existing the apps and launching Settings App. SBSettings to access iPhone Settings from any app without Going through the hassle of Existing App and Launching the Settings App. Developers can Create Custom Toggles for SBSettings for iOS 5, so that can be Installed from Cydia after iOS 5 jailbreak. Grab this posted here.

6. MusicCenter – This is a Widget to show now Playing Music info for you Listening Muisc Lovers, right in the Notification Center in iOS 5. MusicCenter will also show the Album art as well, Ratings of the Song and Popularity, and Playback Time too.

7. WeeFacebook – This is a Facebook Widget for Notification Center in iOS 5 Device. Weefacebook name itself implies is a Mobile Facebook accessible straight from with in the iOS 5 Notification Center. Similar to WeeTwitter Widget was developed by a Developer called Manuel Gebele.

8. QuickComposer – tO Quickly Compose Tweets, SMS, Email. Using QuickCompose Widget you can Quickly Compose a new Email, SMS,Note, Tweet or a Reminder without any Errors, Problem or any Issues. iHaz3, a popular iOS Developer developed this QuickComposer iOS 5 Notification Center Widget.

9. UISettings Widget – This is the First Third party Jailbreak Widget for iOS 5 Notification Center. UISettings integrates some really useful buttons for Commonly used actions right into the new Notification Center of iOS 5 Devices.  UISettings for now include the very common functions such as Airplane mode, Respring, Brightness control, Wi-Fi on/off etc.

10. This tweak makes me want to jailbreak anything in my hand! IntelliScreenX, a tweak developed by IntelliBorn team, is a must have jailbreak tweak which makes iOS 5 notification center in the right way. Available for $9.99, it adds a lot of functions to your notification center. Grab this cydia tweak posted here.

This is not all, if you are eager to download themes for your iPad 2 and iPhone 4S running iOS 5.0.1 and jailbroken. Here’s how you can get all those by installing Winterboard and from where to grab iPhone 4S themes and iPad 2 themes posted here.

Few days ago i published a post on some awesome iPhone Themes which are compatible with iOS 5.0.1 and those can also be installed on your Jailbroken iPhone 4S. Grab them all.

Would you like to get the best animated themes for iPhone 4S – Video shows everything.

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