Best iOS 8 Feature That Recover Accidentally Deleted Photos In The iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

Apple at WWDC 2014 has revealed some major improvements and enhancements to the Photos app in iOS 8 with the new iCloud Library and a number of third-party tweaks, widgets, Interactive Notification Center, QuickType Keyboard, Family Sharing, Touch ID and Camera APIs etc. But today we’ve got to know one of the most-awaited feature, the new editing tools.

Apple has although taken Photos to the new level with the release of iOS 8. You can now have more photos in the cloud than you can on your device. Editing is also getting a boost with iOS 8, which will sync edited files across devices, top-end feature that Apple is doubling as Smart Editing.

All videos and photos are sorted in iCloud in full resolution and the first 50GB of storage is absolutely free, 20GB for $0.99 per month, 20GB for $3.99 up to to 1TB. Photos app in iOS 8 also includes two new options such as ‘Recently Added’ and ‘Recently Deleted’ under albums.

Now, the ‘Recently Deleted’ album as the name suggests will temporarily contain photos that have been deleted little while ago. New feature in iOS 8 enables you to recover the deleted photo in case you’ve accidentally trashed down. It also displays the date and time of the photograph, when it was captured as though.

It’s not clear yet for how long that photos in the album will automatically be cleared, because there is no option available in Settings to disable it. Great!

Stay tuned to Grabi for more detailed information on what’s new in iOS 8 operating system and how can we great this new software update in our iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

(Via iPhoneHacks)

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