Best Chrome Extension – ContexTube Adds Massive Context to YouTube Videos

ContexTube (Best) Google Chrome Extension/Plugin – Adds massive Context to the YouTube Videos. This Chrome Plugin “ContexTube ” is built on a platform called Seevl.

What the Use of this Chrome Plugin :

When you are Watching YouTube videos, you will get a Sidebar on the right that will pull in Information about the band or the Group that you are watching and the interesting thing about this ContexTube Chroime Plugin is that is not a Static and the information it provides is meant to be explored more clearly and deeply.

ContexTube Chrome Plugin

About ContexTube Chrome Plugin :

In order to make the discovery of new music as smart as possible, we provide two ways to get recommendations. The first one is a simple “suggested videos” tab, that provides videos for the top-10 recommendation for the artist you’re browsing, based on our algorithm.

The second way is through the fact-sheet. By clicking on any fact, you’ll get a list of videos with artist / bands matching the same criteria, whether it is artist(s)/band(s) playing the same genre, from the same city, or having common members.

While many of the bands that you tried which were more mainstream had a wealth of information (as with Van Halen, above) some of the more obscure bands and genres either pulled up minimal information, or didn’t display any results at all.

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