Best Buy and Future Shop Canada Offering Telus BlackBerry Passport For $199.99 [On-Contract]

Although the unlocked variant of the newly launched BlackBerry Passport is available for $599 in the United States, and expected to hit the AT&T US shelves in the coming days, which will sell it for a subsidized price in the U.S. Hot deal is right here for the BlackBerry flagship, set to be available to buy at $199.99 for trhe Telus branded version up in Canada.

BlackBerry-Passport-Best-Buy-Future-ShopIn order to purchase the BlackBerry Passport at that price, and live in Canada – you will need to affix your signature to a two-year contract from the Canadian mobile operatort, and purchase the gadget from the Best Buy or the Future Group.

Reserving the BlackBerry Passport is also held from either the carrier, and just pick it up from their brick and mortar stores in your region. Unfortunately, the deal expires on October 30th; purchases must be done before that.

Besy-Buy-BlackBerry-PassportNo ETA set for the Passport’s launch via AT&T, but expected to take place before the end of this year. Additionally, it will be an exclusive in the US for the nation’s second carrier. Alleged before that the BlackBerry Passport priced at $249.99 to $299.99 on contract when the square-shaped BB Passport gets to the U.S.

Future-Shop-BB-Passport-TelusRemind you how the BlackBerry Passport specs goes, with a 4.5-inch touch-enabled display with a resolution of 1440 by 1440 pixels as well as a QWERTY keyboard. Powered by a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor clocked at 2.26GHz CPU, paired with 3GB of RAM, and a 32GB built-in storage, coupled with microSD card slot.

Sprting a 13-megapixel rear camera, also got a 2MP front-facing sensor, packs a 3,450mAh battery and finally, it runs on BlackBerry OS 10.3 pre-installed.