BBM User Guides Now Available To Download For iPhone And Android

BlackBerry was one of the top QWERTY handset in the past and acquired lot of attention with the BBM – the best instant messaging service that the company has now enabled to run on iOS and Google’s mobile operating systems. With the For Sale signs now up and the Canadian company on the hunt for investors, in fact that BBM for iOS and Android for both being announced it perhaps of little consequences, and today its leaking of the user guides for both the new apps, it would appear that a release is near.

BlackBerry Messenger is being tested by selected family of platforms and for the Android and iPhone, to BBM without a BlackBerry anymore. Expected to roll out this month!

We can now be fairly sure that BlackBerry Messenger for iOS and Android will be here very soon. With the manual published by the Toronto-based outfilt today offering standard tips on how to get started, how the various features work, and general info on functionality.

At this point, the user guides for Android and iOS versions of the app are fairly similar to what actually BlackBerry users will have seen before with all intents and purposes are clear. Obviously this type of app needs an instruction manual. The new BBM app, apparently have such user guides for the upcoming iOS and Android versions of the chatting servicehave appeared online.

Still BlackBerry’s BBM app has no fixed date set yet for the long-awaited multi-platform application to go live, but with the guides will certainly help you learn more about how the new software works, if you simply can’t wait.

Right now, BlackBerry is working on promotion, certainly could do with the publicity, where the service was most popular some three to five years back, there are a vareity of alternatives now available besides. Like the cross-platform WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook Messenger keeps over a billion connected, and with iOS users keeping connected through its own iMessage, BlackBerry should be releasing this app in hope, as opposed to expectation.


You can now download the iOS BBM manual from here, and Android from here [PDF links]

Update X1: Unfortunately BlackBerry has taken down the user guide for BBM for iOS. Updated here soon as we get our hands on a working link. Available! For Android, BBM user guide has also been down!