BBM For Android And iPhone Landing Page Hints At Legitimate Release

BlackBerry Messenger? Yes, a new sign up page appears on the official website asking Android and iOS users to leave their email address, which could be telegraphing the imminent arrival of BBM for Android and iPhone. BlackBerry’s planned effort to bring the famed BlackBerry Messenger service, or BBM, to Android and iOS is still going ahead as legitimate. The landing page is here to sign-up, details about it right after this fold!

In fact the most popular messaging services like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger seems to be in the top competition to rival BBM for iPhone and Android platforms. However, by the looks of a new landing page on the Canadian chest of the company’s website, the wait is almost over.

The arrival of BBM for iOS and Android reeks of desperation and when the decision to launch BBM on both Android and iOS was announced, the company believed in the strength of BB10, and thus did not keep BlackBerry Messenger as an exclusive means of trying to wrangle new customers.

Although the company failing to adapt to changing mobile industry quickly enough, but the release of BBM for iOS and Android is looking like a last hope of exposure for a brand so strong alternative to the iPhone.

Users now have to decide the perfect route of using Facebook Messenger, iMessage, WhatsApp and other alternatives to, BlackBerry Messenger faces a massive battle to win over consumers this time and then. In terms of security and general usability, BBM is still the best up there.

Additionally the new apps are expected by the end of the summer, and with the new signup page now allowing interested parties to check out FAQ section on how to get started using BBM on iPhone and Android, which could be a couple of weeks away at maximum.

Already signed up when the service was first announced for iOS and Android, and not can do so by pointing your browser to:

Update X1: The landing page of BBM for iOS and Android has now taken offline. This is what it looked like in full before being taken down: (source: CrackBerry Forums)

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