Bazaar For Windows Phone 7 – A Cydia-Like Store for WP7 Homebrew Apps – Download Now!

Just like Android and iOS, Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 platform is well developed system. All those apps that are submitted for Marketplace will be monitored through a strict screen process. If any app is found to be violating guidelines set by Microsoft, then well, its been rejected and sent back to the drawing board.

Here’s one topic related to this removal, Mocrosoft says, that they may, can remove, disable or delete app remotely from the Windows store in the form of “kill switch”, when they found any malicious content.

Microsoft has made a history of having soft-side for hackers and homebrew developers, unlike the devs at Apple, who are trying their level best to analyze jailbreak developers by patching jailbreaks exploit with never ending updates for iOS. Where, Microsoft had recently worked with an Australian team to help them release an official unlocking tool called ChevronWP7, which can developer-unlock Windows Phones, allowing users to side-load apps on their handsets.

I think you already aware of the Cydia, a store full of jailbreak tweaks and apps to enhance functionalities of jailbroken iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches. Similarly, Windows Phone 7 today joined the league with the first third-party homebrew store named Bazaar, so users will be able to download apps and tweaks which are not approved by Microsoft.

Some more about Cydia Store in iOS – It’s a place where you can get several applications which are not available in the iTunes App Store, but you need to be jailbreak iOS before you install cydia. Bazaar is an alternative to the Microsoft’s WP7 store for homebrew apps.

Actually, the news comes staright from the XDA-Developers forums, where you will find several hackers with amazing work:

Meet Bazaar – an alternative Windows phone Marketplace.

Bazaar is an application that will allow you to browse applications by categories, share, download and install them directly within your device without the need to connect your device to your PC.

Apple never like Cydia store, the same with Bazaar aims to house-in homebrew apps which are rejected by Microsoft’s rough and touch screening/approval process.

Currently, Bazaar is in a very beta state, and a lot of features are said to be missing. But in coming future, many additions will be made available. Some of the features which will be added are as follows:

• Creating an account within Bazaar
• Managing favorites applications list and the ability to download and install them as a batch process (very useful after reset/flashing new ROM version)
• Add ratings and comments for applications
• Submit new applications via Bazaar web site
• Online search in Bazaar applications repository
• And many more…

The only catch about the Bazaar right now is that currently it does not work with Cheveron-unlocked-only Windows Phone devices. You must also have a custom ROM burned in your device in order to make Bazaar work.

As WPCentral points out:

you need to have a DFT, NextGen or Deepshining Custom ROM installed on your phone i.e. a ROM that supports XAP-installation by IE9 (yeah, you can do that in a custom ROM).

Please head over to this thread over at XDA to grab more detailed information about Bazaar.