Battery Life On iOS 7 Saving Tricks For iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, Here’s How To Fix!

Not only me but millions of iOS 7 updated users are facing the same battery life draining problems on their iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Battery issues are often reported with major iOS releases, updates, but the original culprit this time around are easy to find out. How? Because of the new elaborated changes and new features implemented into the new iOS 7 version is now found the battery drainer. The control mechanisms built into the new iOS release are directly related to such issues. Fixing it on iOS 7 is not a big problem. Full details on this battery life sucking in iOS 7, fix is guided after this break.

How To Fix Battery Life Issue On iOS 7 [iPad, iPhone and iPod touch]

1st: The new updated version of iOS has brought the ability for dynamically moving wallpapers, certainly looks great, but uses more resources. Thus, being one of the main reason for decresing battery life. Disabling it can help you with better battery source.

* Navigate to Settings -> Wallpapers & Brightness -> Choose Wallpaper -> Stills -> Pick anyone that doesn’t move.

2nd: By turning off motion and Parallex, you being an iOS user can increase the battery life on iOS 7. The motion features the device look fancy and provide an unique look, but it also swallows the sysytem resources to function. How to turn it off:

* Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion – ON

3rd: The iOS 7 brought the ability of Location Services, which always have the battery hogs, which is nothing fair for iOS 7. Disable Location Services can be the best solution on fixing iOS 7 battery issues. In order to do:

* Settings – Privacy – Location Services > Toggle everything Off that you never and doesn’t use

4th: The new iOS software update brings the Auto Apps update feature. Automatically updating applications would be an unique feature, but it also causes activity on your iPhones, iPads and iPod touchs when it’s not in use. Means, you have big problem updating hidden (background), which drains the battery automatically. Fix it?

* Settings > iTunes & App Store > Automatic Downloads > Updates to Off

5th: Similar to how apps work on a desktop computer, iOS 7 also allows apps to continuously update while in the background. The reason arises, when some apps are running in the background will no longer pause themselves to converse battery when they aren’t seen with human eye. By turning it off it can help battery life last longer.

* Settings -> General -> Background App Refresh -> Off

6th: Turn off frequent locations is also helpful in order to keep battery life safe. Frequent Locations is that allows “Today” view in Notification Center to provide estimates of things like how long it will take you to driveto that location. It uses system resources as well as WiFi internet connection wastage as well, it can impact battery life though. Fixe it an easy manner by navigating to.

* Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Frequent Locations > OFF

7th: The new iOS version brings the latest feature “Power Hog Backgrounds”. Multitasking feature that enables Background Apps Refresh. Quitting power hungry apps like Maps and GPS can hel you improve battery life on your iOS 7 running iPhone, iPod and iPad.

* Double-tap the Home Button, swipe up on any app preview panel to quit it.

This is not it, by turning down the display brightness, disabling the Bluetooth, turning off unnecessary Notifications (don’t allow Push), better using Fetch for Mail, Disabling keyboard clicks and, disable LTE can help you more battery life on iOS 7 devices.