Automatic Log into your Mac and Windows Computer – How to

Mac/Windows Computer Auto Login –  Log into your Computer Automatically, How ? . Just by Setting up your Computer you can easily Log into your Mac or Windows Computer Automatically , with this Setup you can Save time and wasting your time to Enter the Password each time you Start up PC.

In this post we are going to Learn, How to Log into your Windows/Mac Computers Automatically . i am thankful to Lifehacker, for this Tip. I have two Computers in my Home and one is for my Home Purpose and the other is for my Business. When i was searching for tips on Windows 7, i came here to know this How to Guide can help me a lot.

Important Note and Suggestion : This Guide on Setting an Automatic Login is the best way when you are not thinking about Security , and for Home Computers you can set this Autologin Setup , where you are not going to store any Confidential Information .

Going to the Laptops, this Automatic Login Setup is not a good Idea, because it is more easily vulnerable to loss or theft, and can easily be hacked by the hackers via WiFi Network Connections around the HotSpots and places.

Good Idea – When your Mac or Windows Computer is runned by one or more User Accounts , then this Auto Login feature (setup) will be very benificial, beacuse they must have to log you off and then Log then inside (Log on) each time. You are only person using your Mac or Windows Computer, then thus Setting Autmatic Login can be very useful.

How to Login Automatically on Windows 7/Vista/XP Computer

* First of all Click Start, and then type netplwiz in the Search Box and just hit Enter for Windows 7/Vista Users . Where Windows XP users , you have to Start and then Run and Enter Control Userpasswords2 , instead of ” netplwiz ”

Netplwiz - Start Windows and Type and Enter

* In the Advanced User Accounts window that opens,

Advanced User Account

uncheck the box next to “ Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer .” Hit Enter or click OK


* When prompted with a new Dialog box, you just Enter the Username and Password (Twice) for the Account to Automatically Log into every time you Start the Windows. Once it is Done, Hit OK and then OK once again to Complete the Setup (Process).

Enter User Name and Password Twice and Hit OK

To Uninstall – If you want to Undo or Uninstall this Process, go back to Start and Just Type “netplwiz” then Recheck the Option for requiring a Username and Password.

How to Automatically Log into Mac OS X Computer

* Open System Preferences and just Click Users and Groups

* Now Click on the Login Button at the Bottom of the Left Panel

* Now Click the Dropdown box next to the Automatic Login to select the Account to automatically log into Mac Computer.

This is it, you have successfully done and now you can Automatically Log into your MAC or Windows Computers in an easy way.