Automatic 2D to 3D on YouTube: How To View and Edit

How to YouTube:Automatic 2D to 3D Viewing Possible ? Yes with New YouTube:2D to 3D Converter it is possible to View YouTube 2D Videos in 3D. A Few days back, YouTube added this 2D to 3D Editing Option to its Video Sharing Site. Introducing more editorial and Creating Video Tools: Automatic 2D to 3D Converter, so that you can Edit Videos directly on YouTube Online. YouTube Now Converting 2D Videos To 3D, Removes 15 Minutes Limit.

Automatic 2D to 3D Converter: YouTube’s very interesting new Feature (Beta), that Convert 2D to 3D Videos. When you upload  a 2D video and simply clicking on the Button, you can Convert that uploaded 2D to 3D.

Example: If you want to Convert 2D to 3D. YouTube 2D Upload and then enter the Video Page, and click on “Edit Info”, and go to the “3D Video” Tab and simply choose your Preffered 3D Broadcast method “Single Image” or 2 Images, as shown below screenshot. That’s it you can now Watch your YouTube 2D Video in 3D (3rd Dimention).

How to Guide: Automatic 2D to 3D on YouTube

Step 1 – To make a 3D Video Autimatically, First of all Login:YouTube Account and Upload a 2D Youtube Video and Click on “Edit Info”

Youtube 2D to 3D Converting Online

Step 2 – Now Click on the 3D Video Button

Automatic: 2D to 3D on YouTube

Step 3 – Then Select Single Image Frame for Normal Video. Select Enable 3D Conversion for this Video and Click the Save Button.

Youtube 3D Converter

Step 4 – Now you will be getting your 3D-Converted Video available after the Conversion process Finishes (Completes), which might take some time.

Youtube 2D to 3D Converted

How to Remove 15 Minutes for Verified User in YouTube

If you have a clean record with YouTube, and completed an account verification, you’ll get to upload clips longer than 15 minutes. All you have to do to remove the 15 minutes limit is to verify your account (by providing your mobile number) and not to break the YouTube guidelines (keep it appropriate).

Want to add Effects to YouTube Videos:

YouTube adds: Vix and Magisto , these allows you to Edit:3D Video and add Effects , so called Editing Tools avilable in .

1. Magisto : Edit upto 16 Videos at once into a clip and turn your movies into short, fun clips that are great for sharing with your friends and family online. Magisto will automatically find the best parts of your movies

2. Vlix Video Editor – Create great videos by applying video effects and adding text. Select from a variety of effects – fix effects, time altering effects, artistic effects and fun video borders.