AT&T Leaks Unveiled Titan II Launch Date & Pricing, New Sony Crystal Tablet

At Consumer Electronics show (CES) 2012, the AT&T announced several new devices and now more details have emerged on pricing and launch dates. In the flow here is one more handset surfaced with some details. At&T reveals the details about its HTC Titan 2 smartphone and about a device which is not yet announced and probabely a tablet called Sony Crystal.

The HTC Titan II, along with Nokia’s Lumia 900 will be the first windows smartphones to support 4G LTE mobile broadband. And it is about to launch on March 18 2012. At offering speeds up to ten times faster than 3G, both the AT&T and Verizon are marketing the device.

The Titan II,which was initially announced earlier this month at CES, repeates the massive 4.7-inch display of the original Titan and also adds with a 16-megapixel camera sensor. With a new two year contract, the Titan 2 is expected to cost around $200 whereas the rumored price of Lumia 900 is much lower to $99, which is also speculated to launch on the same day, March 18.

Now comes to the new unannounced device Sony Crystal, which is believed to be a tablet. Not much information is available about this device as on today. But as per the speculations, it would be an HSPA+ 4G device, not an LTE device and costs around $400. Nobody knows that whether the Sony Crystal will be a re-branded version of Sony Tablet S Or entirely a new tablet.

Before concluding we want to hint you on something. Though the AT&T is released the Titan II launch date & price and about the Sony Crystal, it can’t resist the competition with the Galaxy S II Skyrocket HD (4G LTE with an HD display), Sony XPERIA Ion, and Samsung Exhilarate. The first quarter launches of AT&T will have a tough fight with these new arrivels. We hope that the AT&T will manage it.