ASUS Confirms Free GPS Dongles For Transformer Prime Tablet Owners

A rumor surfaced last week saying that Asus will be offering the owners of Eee Transformer Prime tablet a GPS dongle to fix GPS issues on the device, and today Asus has confirmed that they will be giving all the owners of Prime tablet a free GPS dongle.

Many have reported, the GPS issues within the ASUS Transformer Prime Android tablet have not necessarily been resolved after a few updates have been released for the known bug. Several Asus tablet owners were frustrated with this issue, which continues to plague the King of Android tablets.

ASUS confirms GPS dongles for Transformer Prime owners

Asus have said that owners of the Transformer Prime tablet will be able to register on their website for the GPS dongle from April the 16th. According to AllthingsD, a free GPS dongle will be shipped to anyone asking for it and it will take around two weeks for the dongles to be sent out to customers.

From ASUS website:

We will be releasing a dongle shortly that will address the GPS function and be a fully usable GPS that will lock onto many satellites and keep their lock with wi-fi active.

GPS dongle will be provided for free when it arrives. ETA is mid April for this and we are setting up a process for it. We will inform you once the process is complete and the dongles here.
It will look similar to the hinge from the dock. Where it will be a flush fit on the bottom of the unit if held in landscape matching the color of your Prime chassis.

Very interesting to see if this free GPS Dongle will fix the various GPS issues that have been reported on the Transformer Prime tablet. Stay tuned to grabi so that we can push any information is out for you all about Asus’s free GPS Dongles for Transformer Prime tablet.