Archos Unveils New Smartphones And Android Tablets Ahead Of IFA Event

A few days early Archos has unveiled its IFA lineup – the addition includes many new tablets and smartphones are branded by Archos Premium range. Full details can be wrapped off right after this break!

The French consumer electronics company that has been established in 1988, called Archos, who manufacturers portable media players and portable data storage devices. Archos with a variety of products, including digital audio players, portable video players (PVP), video recorders, a personal digital assustant, Archos notebooks, most recently produced tablet computers using Google’s Android and Microsoft Windows PCs as well.

Today, it has introduced the world with the new range of premium tablets arrives running Google’s latest Android 4.2 Jelly Bean mobile operating system.

The new Archos Gen 11 tablet, has been designed specially for performance equipped with media playback and productivity. The Archos 101sx2 is powered by a quad-core CPU with HD IPS screen and integrated with a front-facing dual stereo-speakers and a genuine magnetic keyboard exclusively designed by Archos.

Not only for the biggies, but for the children there are ranges from Archos, called the the skinned and parent-friendly ChildPad. With Google Play filtered for children, full parental controls and all the new range tablet runs Android, includes the 101 ChildPad design to bridge the gap from the digital world of the tablet PCs to content in the real world using magnetic figurines.

Now the Xenon tablet series – three devices that the company is rolling as “cheaper than Apple tablet or Samsung Wi-Fi tablets. For gamers, Archos will be trotting out a currently spec-less GamePad 2, and for kids, the company is going to show off the ChildPad.

Here comes the Archos handset named “Archos 50 Oxygen”, a flagship smartphone that features vanilla Android 4.2, powered by a quad-core processor, 16GB of storage and a 13-megapixel rear-facing camera and a 5MP front camera.


The Titanium range, starting at £99 with a 4 inch device, will feature Dual-Core CPUs, Bluetooth, GPS, Dual SIM card slots, Android 4.2, 5MP back cameras and 0.3 MP front cameras.

archos platinum

What do you think about Archos’s new tablets and smartphone range compete with Samsung and Apple products in the market? Thoughts!